My son kindly purchased "four tires for the price of three" for me and had them installed two years ago. It took almost four hours while we both waited.

Immediately upon driving away I began hearing growling in the front right wheel and a few months later the left bearing was going bad as well. I have since had three bearings replaced as a result at a cost of well over $500.

The second time the Rt Fr bearing went out was in a deserted place in Oregon which left me stranded overnight since bearings for Saturns are not a typical replacement. All told these tires cost the original price plus three bearings plus a night's stay at a hotel and meals while repairs were made.

Monetary Loss: $1200.

  • car ruined
  • stranded in high desert waiting fo
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If you had cupped tires to begin with, you never would've heard the bearing. Second your son may have hit a curb causing a bearing to go bad.

As long as the tires were the same size all the way around this would not happen. The company is a bad company to do business with.

You should at least call corporate and get the right size tires put on for free if you are not near a Tires Plus tell corporate your near a Firestone and they should be able to do something for you. CALL CORPORATE and inform them of this!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Reno, Nevada, United States #726066
This article leaves out important information, information I have found our service writers tend to leave out regularly, vehicle make, model, year, and importantly Milage, wrong size tires say's little, wrong as in manufacture recommended or wrong as in two or three different sizes and tread design. neglectful maintenance and poor driving , such as curb hitting can cause bearings to fail.This kind of complaint leaves much to interpretation .

Is the shop at fault or is the consumer generating false accusations to acquire free merchandise? When District Managers give labor away for these complaints that's unjustly punishing a person (technician) wrongly. this escalates to an argument on the part of the Hired help becoming slaves. work for nothing, even though they are sheltered, clothed , and given fresh water, the contractual obligation of the Employer is in violation.

Free work, no pay this is a perfect example of perjury resulting in damages to another human being and indicates a devolution in decency. Is this what we have become.

because I do not see progress only misconduct on the part of those that would call themselves decent. :?

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