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I purchased the 3 year wheel alignment program. Went I got it done for the first time with Tires Plus 6 months ago, an array of problems started on my car. I had to get a Steering rack replaced a few weeks after, saying it was cracked and how my wheels were not aligned correctly, and the wear on my tires I bought a year previously, were wearing abnormally - severe.

After the 1st alignment, in addition to the problems listed above, my car was NOT driving correctly. It felt even more off then before I went in and it just didn't feel right. I have had THREE opinions about my tires and the fault all traces back to Tires Plus - not doing the wheel alignment correctly.

Flash forward to a few months, I go in to get another alignment. They called to tell me I needed New Tires, New brakes, ALL new struts, New cabin and engine air filter ( I JUST changed these 3 months ago), and a few other things. Overall the quote was close to $3000. Definitely was being taken advantage of. The customer service agent, Jared was very nice, but ultimately pinned me for someone who wouldn't get a 2nd and 3rd opinion.

After this alignment, my care still felt horrible. I was TOLD my struts had a crack in it and needed to be done ASAP.

I took it to a mom and pop shop that I trust, was told my struts were indeed NOT cracked but that I do needed new tires and how only the back two trust needed to be replaced. I was also told the unusual wear in tear on my tires were due to Tires Plus NOT doing the wheel alignment job correctly. This was my 2nd opinion. I have 3rd and 4th opinions about this exact thing as well.

I proceeded to go to Discount tire to get new tires that were still 20,000 miles warranty left on the tires. Eventually, I was told that I needed ALL new tires and how Tires Plus did the past 2 wheel alignments wrongly. THIS WAS MY 4th OPINION.

I was also told that because they did it wrong, it wore on my tires tremendously at a fast rate. He then told me I was being taken advantage of and how my brakes were in perfect condition as well as my filters. I AM NOT HAPPY WITH TIRES PLUS AND WILL SPREAD THE WORLD. BLESS :)

Product or Service Mentioned: Tires Plus Wheel Alignment.

Reason of review: Bad quality.

Monetary Loss: $3100.

Preferred solution: Let the company propose a solution.

Tires Plus Cons: Someone trying to rip me off, Bad service.

  • Car Damage
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This has definitely been a frustrating experience and we understand your anger. We would be happy to offer our assistance.

Please, email us at, socialcare@bfrc.com, with the details you have provided here, your phone number and email address, and any applicable invoice number(s). Thank you for choosing Tires Plus, we hope to hear from you soon.^Kristyn

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