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I have worked with Wheel Works/TiresPlus as a store manager and they've withheld my pay from OT and from bonus and from false costing of Bridgestone and Firestone tires. They force us into selling their product and then the change and show a differnt cost only after you sell the product.

They also force us into manipulating customers into using the store credit card for purchases, they make us lie to customers and give false hope. There have even been cases that some store managers up sale and rip off customers and when I stood up and said that this isn't right and will not tolerate this then my DM told me to shut up or I'd be fired. I waited till I could stand it any longer then I finally had to stand up and fight. I sued the company then they fired me in retaliation.

To make it worse they are fighting my case and accusing me of fraud for suing them.

This truely not the company to either do business nor find employee. Once this was a great company till TiresPlus and Firestone took over and their policies of ripping off their customers and employees became their business plan

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Mr.W, i agree with you about the wheel works.

I also work for wheel works before but i quit because i dont like the company rules. However, the store is not a problem but the main problem is the stinky rotten Wheel Works District Manager, Len valverde. He *** some many people up already. There are many ex-store managers that complained from not get what they should've got and file a lawsuit against the company. And then all of them were originally a store manager get demoted to be a sales associates and then get fired.

There is a rumor that Len got mad af the Wheel Works HR Dan Sullivan because Dan got a better offer from other company and give two weeks notice resignation to Len. Len told Dan that he doesnt have to give two weeks notice, he can just quit right away. That is totally wrong.

Len is abusing his power as a district manager and countless employees have beed suffered because of him. The company also didnot pay the workers who work more than 5 hours for O.T lunch. There was an investigation at the end of year 2011 where some authorities come and check the company payroll record that if the company pay O.T lunch to the worker who cant take lunch after work more than 5 hours. During that time, the whole company get paid O.T lunch for a month and they stopped paying after the investigation is done.

I have friends that work af Firestone and i asked them if their company did this kind of things. They were suprised that actually Wheel Works did all this despicable things in fact that both are under a same company, BFSRO.

I hope that The justice will arrived soon to get Len, like there is a saying "what goes around comes around".


Prior to a long road trip, I had my oil changed @ a Tire Plus. Two days into my trip I noticed a major oil leak.

I took the car to a nearby Tire Plus @1:30pm the day before Thanksgiving to ensure that they fix it in case it was from the service previously provided. I anticipated a little push back and fortunately they were able to look at my car in an hour. In less than 20 minutes they told me I had a rear main engine seal leak and it would cost almost $2000 to fix! I couldn’t believe it!!!

I figured that the filter wasn't placed correctly when I had the oil changed. I later took it to a friend and he tightened the filter which slowed the leak drastically. Upon my return home (600 miles later) I visited my Tire Plus where they said there is no rear engine seal leak.

Not sure who to trust these days. On the upside…I don’t have costly repairs.


I used to go to Wheel Works to buy all my racing tires for my track cars. I spent tens of thousands of dollars a year here.

One day it all changed. I believe its when Tiresplus took over. The labor rates went up, and the quality of work went down. Even employees who i worked with for years suggested i go elsewhere, i was very disappointed.

To make things worse i brought in my wifes car, she came to pick it up and they told her she needed new shocks, they even said it would be dangerous for her to drive home without them. I was out of town and she told me she felt pressured to do the work. She got a hold of me in the middle of the job so I told her to ask for the parts back. Surprise surprise when she went to pick up the car, the garbage had already been collected that day.

Really? at 6pm on a Saturday? I checked out the car at my shop and nothing was changed, in fact a cleaner was sprayed on all the shocks which caused the paint to peel. I took photos and called the BAR.

Sure enough Wheel Works wanted to write me a check very quickly and sign papers saying i wouldn't talk about it.

HA, yah right, stopped payment on my credit card and here you go wheel works! Dont do business with them, period!

Mr. W

The DM use to be Jeff Gray and now the new DM is even worse, and his name is Len Valverde. I was under the impression that the company use him as a pon and made him do things that were not CA law or BAR approved.

I know the company has had multiple visit from the BAR but nothing serious has happened. One has to wonder if the Firestone corp. has them in their pocket for payroll or not. I have seen and pointed out the to both my DM and my HR rep.

the constant tax evasion that the company lets happen, by selling a ticket then give a fake invoice to the customer and then after they leave they change the work order parts down to nothing and what use to be the tax from the parts is now reinputted into the labor for more profit. I told them that not only is this dishonest to both the customers and the state but you are steeling from your own company because the company pays DM and Str. Mgrs. from their profits.

Then didn't like it when I showed them the information that I had and they threaten my multiple times to stop what I was doing. But when something is wrong its just that wrong.

Mr. W

I agree you are right and I have seen it happen. I have been at the Wheel Works stores before they were bought out and afterwards and I agree they are diffenantly not the same two companies

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