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This company is full of false promises and promotes unlawful deductions from employees pay and falsifies internal company audits for better DM's monthly bonus. DM's threaten and harassed to push sales and generate business then turn around and try to deduct money owed to the Store Mangers through monthly bonuses.

The DM's are control over the stores schedules and they force the Store Mangers to work 60+ hours a week and they minimize the sales staff which forces the manager to have to do everthing theirselves. The DM would force the managers to sign bias assessment forms that in some cases they filled out themselves. So that the company would pay you salary instead of hourly wages to save their payroll over time expenses. In this day and age where jobs define you and you give your life to the company to make a living.

It is sad that in a corporate world the numbers are the only thing that count.

They over look all the small detail in how the profits and numbers are made and it doesn't matter what how they do it...... Because BIG FISH EATS LITTLE FISH...

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:sigh as long as we are addressing the entire company....what if you had a son on military leave, emergency medical leave , a leave because another family member was injured, and possibly going to expire, in other words Die! and as this sons father you are concerned that you may not have contact with him again after he returns to duty, but as the father you have to attend a company function , and the DM say's if the father does not attend, on a holiday such as Martin Luther King Day, The father would be put on suspension without pay, and reviewed for possible termination.

Where as the specifics of Federal law allows for 12 weeks of leave for any family member (father and son)to tend to emergencies. Now what kind of top American company would not allow for this kind of leave? would you be a customer of a company that endorsed this kind of behavior from their DM's? This is America, We have gone to War with countries over behavior like this.

If the Federal Law took the time to write a document to allow families to be with each other in the event of an emergency then why would a company not allow for a leave? Would any good hard working Tax paying American endorse or do Business with a company like this?



I'm sorry u got stuck with a *** management, but the entire company is not like what you mentioned. All be it, it sounds like you are a employee, probably former, but if still there, try the east coast.



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