My regular mechanic was out of town so I went to Tires Plus in Woodbury MN for "buy 3 tires get 4th free" deal. They said it would be about an hour and it included a free check.

Went shopping across the street. They called me shortly after and said I also needed a new tie rod and it would be an extra $270. I told them to just put the tires on and that's all. Went to pick up my car and heard manager on phone telling another customer they also needed a new tie rod.

I thought to myself "hmmmmm", coincidence? When I got home my boyfriend checked the tie rod on my car and said there was nothing wrong with it. Seems like that extra $270 for the tie rod would more than make up for that 4th "free" tire and the "free" check.

When my mechanic got back in town I told him about it and he said one of his friends used to work for Tires Plus and had to quit because he did not think it was right to replace perfectly good parts with new ones and charge the customers extra. I was so pissed I reported them to the BBB.

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