Harlan, Iowa
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I went in for a routine tire balancing. Everything seemed to go ok, but when I came back to pick up my car, the tech had the hood up, air intake and cabin filter boxes open.

WHAT BUSINESS DOES A TIRE TECH HAVE UNDER MY HOOD, AND WHY ARE THEY TAKING THINGS APART? The air box was improperly put back together (again, the tech was clueless) and caused it to slam against the front of the radiator. It broke a hole in the radiator and caused a HUGE COOLANT LEAK. My car was without fault before I brought it to these imbeciles, and now I have permanent damage to my engine because of overheating issues.

Read the fine print on the contract before you give these people your keys, because apparently, you are authorizing them to perform services they are unqualified to administer. This is unfair that someone else gets to ruin my nice automobile.


Monetary Loss: $300.

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BSRO Social
Bloomingdale, Illinois, United States #937646


My name is Tom and I am from the Tires Plus Corporate Offices. I have read through your concerns and would like to make sure that your damage concerns are properly investigated by our claims department.

Please message me at bfsocial@accentonline.com with your review posted here and the invoice number from our service if possible. Any additional documentation you may have regarding the damage would also be beneficial to our investigation.

Sparks, Nevada, United States #935989

This is a poster Car for Quick Service and overbearing Rulers(Managers). Be danged if you do and danged if you don't.

I do not work for them anymore, as insulting as it was to be fired , I know the new Job I have has truth and class in repair. Our Service advisors Do their best to individually get The facts straight. before something goes horribly wrong.

Good riddance, and thanks for the employer match in the 401K at 55 there was no penalty for withdraw. You reap what you Sow!

New Baden, Illinois, United States #698222
What cost $300? Was it the tire balance or the permanent engine damage?

How and when did the car overheat? Was the huge coolant leak not apparent at the shop?

Most people wonder why their hood is up even if the 25point inspection is requested to be skipped. This allows shops to get your exact engine size to properly serve the vehicles individual specs.
Go to SEARS 8) 8) 8)
BSRO Social

I am from the corporate office of Tires Plus.

Can you send me an email at social@bfrc.com so I can get involved? Please include the address of the store that you visited so that I can get the right people involved.



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