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On 5/12/11 my wife picked up her Toyota Camry from the TiresPlus in Superior, Wisconsin. She paid the bill, which due to her complaining about the amount was reduced from $450. to $409.16 and drove home. Part of the work that was done was to replace the valve cover gasket, which they said needed to be done because the car was leaking oil.

On 6/10/11 the vehicle "died" because the engine was destroyed due to lack of oil. We contacted TiresPlus and were rudely told that they had no responsiblity and said, repeatedly, that they had had nothing to do with anything effecting the car's oil.

By the end of today, 6/14/11, we will have contacted; the State Attorney General's office, the Better Business Bureau, the Bureau of Consumer Protection-Wisconsin Department of Agriculture,Trade, and Consumer Protection, the Governor of the State, as well as our Congressmen, and the Bridgestone Retail Operations - LLC Customer Retention office both by telephone and e-mail.

In addition, we have asked everyone we know, a list that includes our "mailing list" of almost 1,000 clients, and all of the members of our very extended family, to relay our experience with TiresPlus to everyone they know. We have consulted our attorney and will be very careful to relay the facts, and only the facts.

'angry in Superior, WI

Product or Service Mentioned: Tires Plus Part Replacement.

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Old Wolf, do you have any idea how many places on an engine can leak engine oil?


Chances are that the new valve cover gasket wasn't leaking.


First of all, the tire plus store in Coralville Iowa do not take online coupons from tire plus website. I had an couple for tires, oil and allinment.

I was informed by the owner that it is his store and tire plus corporate, has no say in this. I needed tires and a oil change but did not know tire plus stores untill now. Tire Plus check my car and order the tires. They would be in on the next weekend.

I got the call that they were in and I took my car in for repair. They order the incorrect tires. My car needed 17 inch tires and they ordered 16 inch tire. OK this was a misstake find.

Then the lies started. The cost per tire just went up because of this. I was called again and this time my 2005 GMC needed $500 in repair on all ball joints and that they were all bad and need replaced before I would be able to drive it. Because of the mistake with the order of tire something told me to check it out with another conpany.

So, I went to Sear with this undrivable car and found out I was being lied to. All ball joint were in very good shape. I can see the Coralville Tire Plus is getting a bad name. I will not go back again to Tire Plus and my friends and family are being e-mailed about tire plus stores lieing and trying too mislead people.

If this store is misleading person on repairs and replacing good parts. I would hope the news stations and police would read this too. Tire Plus Cororate then needs to check them out if they can. Thank you Ron


I had Sear put 4 new tires on and got a rebait on them. Tire Plus loses.

BSRO Social

I am from the corporate office of Tires Plus. Can you send me an email at so I can get more details about what happened?



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