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Went to get new tires on the pickup truck, and while that was being done, they called to inform us that 3 ball joints needed to be replaced, brake pads were down to 1 cm , and I think they said tie rods were bad. They wanted $1700.00 to have it all done, on top of the $1000.00 for the tires for a whopping total of $2700.00!

I said are you fricking kidding me? I don't think so!!! We took it to our regular mechanic, and just got a call from our mechanic and told us everything is tight, no problems with ball joints or tie rods, and there is still 50% left on brake pads. He said there is no reason to do these services at this time.

We gladly gave the mechanic $20.00 to look it over. We will never bring our vehicles to Tires Plus again, and we will tell all our friends and family our recent experience with them as well. I thank God for our honest mechanic that we almost always bring our vehicles to. The only reason we didn't is we needed tires, and he doesn't do tires.

I hope their company goes under some day for being such dishonest people. Unbelievable!!

I want to call and complain, but I know it will go on deaf ears, so why bother. I'll just spread the word and tell people our personal experience instead.

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Saint Cloud, Minnesota, United States #824726 is what most shop have to go by. Many independent shop would get shut down for most things they say are good.

All these shops have this map guidelines book about 500 pages think if its loose it needs to be replaced. If Minnesota passes the law where you have to have your vehicle inspected by a map shop and repaired by them we are screwed because its a government run program.

If it doesn't pass a map shop inspect you can't get your tabs. That's if the law passes and the way things are it will be will not be able to pick a choose who works on our cars.

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Villa Park, Illinois, United States #582892


My name is Tom and I am with the Firestone Corporate Offices. I have read your review and want to apologize for the service you recieved recently at our Apple Valley Location. I would like the opportunity to investigate this matter and was wondering if you could email me at with your invoice # or phone number on the account. This way I can get the right people involved to hopefully resolve this issue.



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