2002 Honda Crv, oil pan gasket replaced on 5/17/13. Four wheel alignment done back on 6/30/13.

Oil pan gasket leaking. Alignment off. Vehicle pulling to the left. Took it back on Sunday 8/18/13 at 9am store opened.

Left the vehicle. Waited until about 2:30pm. Call the store, they told me my vtek solenoid was leaking. I spend 40mins under that suv, with the engine runing watching oil leak from that oil pan gasket.

Not true. The store closed at 4pm. They did not do my alignment until 3:45pm. All day for an alignment.

They told me to bring the suv back first thing the next morning so they can replace the oil pan gasket. I did, arrive at 6:45am. The store opens at 7am. First one in line, and in the store.

The manager said it will be done by 3pm. After work I arrive at the store at 4pm. My suv was still on the lift; I asked the Store # 520780. Lantana Fl33462.

Mechanic if he was finishing up. He said no i just started.The manager said that it took them all day to find an oil pan gasket. 8hours for a gasket. The time right now is 5:32pm 8/19/13.

Just got a call that my suv is ready. Please say a prayer for me. Hope it does not leak until that so call warranty is up.I will never be back to tires Plus. Warranty work is always at the bottom.

They are forgetting what got them there. People like us.

their prices are get higher and higher. Not good.

Product or Service Mentioned: Tires Plus Oil Change.

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Reno, Nevada, United States #726075

Management making promises they can not keep, blaming the help because they can not balance a work load and looking to their own pockets, Tires always come first over service in a tire store, if you want repair service take your car to a repair service garage. you wouldn't ask a baker to arrest a robber would you?

or ask a cop to make you a doughnut?it's really simple , Tires have a reward bounty to the sales department , and sales people will pass up thousands of dollars in commission on repairs, to flag twenty bucks on a four tire sales. it's a proven fact.pressure from managers to keep the sales of their tires at or above last quarters, because the Bonus program

Mars, Pennsylvania, United States #717383

For some reason, people waiting always come before 'drop offs' any day of the week. I think the 'waiter' can wait our place in line or move on. All customer's time value is equal.

BSRO Social
Bloomingdale, Illinois, United States #703224


My name is Tom and I am with the Tires Plus Corporate Offices. I have read through your experience and want to apologize for the inconvenience this whole situation has caused you.

Our warranty is valid at any of our corporate owned locations nationwide. If you have any further issues with your oil pan gasket or alignment, please message me at social@bfrc.com so that I can get management involved to help make things right.

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