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We have always used Tires Plus for service on all of our vehicles. However, this will NEVER happen again. We are done with this company for ever. When we have a tire rotation done we expect Tires Plus to let us know if there are any problems with the tires at this time or if a alignment is NEEDED. They never did and because of this our daughter's tire split and we again had to purchase two more new tires when we should have been able to use these tires for another 20 to 25,000 miles yet.

We were not happy with the fact that we did not receive a new tire for FREE to replace the defective tire plus we had to buy the second new one so they wear properly.

THEY also lost our Toyota Lug Nut locking tool and the Tires Plus in Elk River in October 30, 2009 and they are not responsible to take care of a person's vehicle and parts if they lost that so I don't trust them anymore. Tires plus has lost our business for the rest of all of our lives so I hope they are happy. Maybe their customers don't mean anything to them! We can all take our business somewhere it is appreciated from now on.

Monetary Loss: $200.

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I'll have to agree with the consumer on this one. I good shop would suggest an alignment based on tire wear. I good shop would not loose a customer's wheel lock key.


if a tire wears straight across its shocks or struts


You cant complain about a tire that lasts 40,000 miles, even if it's a 100,000 mile tire. The warranty on a tire is intended to sell the tire, not to determine or predict the life of the tire.

Tires will typically last between 20,000 and 60,000 miles, it all depends on the type of driving you do and the maintenance of your vehicle. I've seen tires wear out completely in as few as 3,000 miles, a severe bump to the suspenssion can cause the aligment to go and destroy the tires. I've been in the business for years, and have been buying and selling all brands of tires, 99% of the tire life is determined by your driving habits and maintenance. A tire ran flat can be destroyed in days, only you who payed for the tire is responsible for the tire's life.

A tire defect is visible within the first 2,000 miles,this is a fact for 90% of defective tires, so 40,000 miles is a long way for a defective tire. Get informed and deal with someone else, like you say you will, I'm sure we will hear your complaints about them in the future.


if you have a tire that wears out before the mileage warrenty and the tire is worn straight across the tread it would be pro-rated. you have 40,000 miles on your tires and the alignment was off HELLO of course your tires are going to wear out on the edges!!!

So if you buy a car and after 1 yr you dont like it anymore do you trade it in and get all your money back *** NO don't be *** you have got 40k on tires. If i were tires plus by the sounds of it i would not want you for a customer anyway


hello rubber dry rotts da. that's what happens when the sun hits a tire with armor all on it .stop trying to get something for free.


which tires did you buy? also, did you have an alignment check on your ticket and did you ask for the print out showing the condition of the alignment?


It's "or if AN alignment is NEEDED". Get your punctuation right.

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