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Every time I went to Tires Plus in York, PA I was sold things I did not go in for. I finally got tired of always spending more money than anticipated and I started to question their ethics.

When they called me and told me my brake bearings were rotted and needed to be replaced I said no, I will get it done elsewhere.

When I went in to pick up my car and told the clerk that I did not believe them anymore another employee there started to laugh. I asked what was so funny and he said you will believe it when your tire falls off. I asked if he honestly thought my car was unsafe to drive and he said that is your problem lady.

I took my car to the Buick dealer who said not only is there no such thing as a brake bearing but my brakes and tires are fine and only charged me a service fee for checking it instead of the $300+ Tires plus wanted to charge me. I will never go there again and tell everyone I know what a rip off they are.

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Brake bearings? Are you sure they used that term? There is no such thing as a brake bearing.

"Brake Bearing", LOL, same type of thing as "Blinker Fluid". :grin

Thanks for alerting us. We’d like the opportunity to make things right!

Kindly call 1-800-440-4167 so we can help. Thank you!

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