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My husband and I do not know much about cars. And I think they knew that.

My father always told me to rotate tires, new ones on the front and the old front ones to the back. The man insisted that we needed to put brand new tires on the back but leave the old ones on the front. As a front wheel drive where the front is doing most of the work I didn't get that. They were insistent and didn't care that we wanted it a different way.

They also told us 3-4 other things were wrong, including that we needed an alignment, even though we had JUST had one a few weeks prior. Took it back to where we had it done and it was perfectly fine. A few weeks later had a coupon for an oil changed for our other vehicle and figured why not. They checked the car and told us we needed to replace ALL the tires.

We said we can't right now and left. There is a lot of tread left on the back so I know they were trying to give us poor advice to make more money thinking we don't know any better.

Won't be bringing my business back here again. I can't trust these people to be honest and helpful.

Product or Service Mentioned: Tires Plus Oil Change.

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I'm a firm believer that far more control is maintained if the better tires are in the rear, despite the fact that a vehicle is forward or rear wheel drive. If you can grasp your mind around thinking logically about the situation of forward momentum, it just makes sense.

Did you ever roller skate or roller blade as child? Ever notice how you maintained more control in any situation with the rear foot versus the front foot? In my opinion, it's the exact same concept. In my opinion, most quick wheel alignments are a joke and waste of money, unless one person is upselling you on adjustable cam bolts and lifetime wheel alignments.

As well, you can have plenty of treadwear left. However, if where ever you live in Georgia is anything like where I live in Florida, the heat will deteriorate the *** out of the sidewall of your tires after about 3 years or so. No, I do not work for this company.

I just don't completely agree with how you have worded your complaint.


Actually they are right, the tires with more tread are suppose to go on the rear. This stops a car from oversteering (back end swinging out) if the vehicle were to lose traction in the snow or rain.

The logic doesn't make sense at first but if control is lost it is easier for the driver to correct understeer verse oversteer. You can go on and find many great articles about tires.

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