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I went in there for new rear tires for my car, an oil change and an alignment. While working on the oil change, I was told that it needed a new serpentine chain because mine was cracked and ready to be replaced.

I agreed to have that done...then they came out about 15 minutes later to say that the alignment couldn't be done because of the sleeve on the tie rod ends. It was rusted and the alignment could not be done unless I agreed to have that replaced at the tune of $277.48. I said I would wait on that service as I would have to check my finances first. The next day, a friend referred me to Andover Wheel and Frame and said they could help me out.

I made the appt and after checking out the car, I was told that there was nothing wrong with the car and it was then aligned for $54.00. Now I'm wondering if I really needed a new belt...It's amazing to me how this place can be in business when they take advantage of their clients.

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I would recommend paying with credit card after getting everything in writting, then disputing the second payment with the credit card company.

Don't try that with a debit card. Debit cards (entering a pin number) is as good as cash.


Well, same thing happened to us in Springfield, PA. We were told we needed over $600 in repairs after an oil change.

took it to another mechanic and discovered needed less than $300. They also changed a belt on our other car (it was a Sunday and we were desperate to fix it...bad decision). We were told it needed a new one and declined. My husband asked to have it put on.

It came off a week later! They charged over $50 for 10 minutes of work. I asked to be reimbursed and they declined. We had a mechanic come to our house and it did not need a new belt.

It seems that is their policy to "ADD" on unnessary services!

What a rip off. I would NOT recommend this company!


small cracking is normal on a serpentine belt, but after saying that, depending on the mileage and age of the car you might have needed one anyways if its never been changed, it's a maintenance item, it should be changed before it breaks.

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