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Tires plus just wants your money.... I went to Tires Plus on Thornton rd in Lithia Spirngs Ga.

Ive got my tires there before so i decided to get my tires rotated of free. After about a half of an hour i tried to ask, how long would it be, because i seen my car just sitting there, looking as if it has not been touched. The workers were just gathered together eatting sandwiches, laughing, and ignoring me. Now i should mention that there where only two cars in there shop, and i counted six workers.

i was the only person waiting in the waitng room. When they calim they where finally done a hour later they told me i need my brakes done and the price will be $400.00 a hunder of those that was just for labor. "Just for Brakes". I feel like customer service and went completly out the window.

A business need to know.. that without your customers you have no business.

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I am from the corporate office of Tires Plus. Can you send me a note at so that I can learn more and try to help?



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