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In November of 2011 I purchased 4 brand new Falcin tires from them for 600.00 and in May 2012 the front tires were blad. I went up there because I had a warrenty but they said the tire were not covered because my wheel alignment was off well when I bought the tires they also did a wheel alignment.

Ok fine I let it go paid for another wheel alignment and had them put the back tires which were still looking brand new on the front of the car, but a month later those tires where blad. I got 8,000 miles out of brand new tires that I paid 600 dollars for. I would not recommend them to anyone, I know had to get used tires on my car because I could not afford new ones again and so far they have lasted longer than the new ones. Oh yeah I wanted to add that after I had the wheel alignment the second time and noticed the tires going blad in a few week I went to my local chevy dealer to have my alignment checked and it was off after 4 weeks.

I believe they didn't do the alignment right in the first place. Don't waste your money!

Monetary Loss: $600.

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My name is Tom and I am with the Firestone Corporate Office. I read through your situation and believe I may be able to help. If your vehicle was properly aligned and the suspension is tight the tires should not have worn and therefore be prorated under warranty. Please email me at with the store # or invoice # and I will try to help.



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