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On 11/10/2012 I stopped by Midway Tiresplus (300 Snelling Ave N St. Paul,MN 55104-5330) for a flat tire. The service adviser told me they will be happy to help. After 20 minutes, this guy comes and tells me he could fix the tire and it will be about $ 28. I said "Ok go ahead..". After 10 minutes this same guy comes and said " We just did a free courtesy check and found the following problems. The brake fluid needs to be changed because there are copper particles in it. It is about $ 79. Moreover, you need to change the windshield wiper blades...It costs only $ 31. Also both tail light are out. That is $ 24"...I always check my car lights before I leave my apartment AND they were working perfectly ...So I sensed a gimmick and nicely said "Sir..thank you for checking my car. Can you please fix tire for now and I will come back other time for the other maintenance issues." The guy was not happy because I didn't wanted to do the recommended maintenance. He snaps " That is your call!" and left.

After 5 minutes this same guy comes back after talking to the technicians and informs me " I can't fix your tire because the damage is beyond repair. You have to buy four sets of tires. It costs about $ 868 installed and comes with 5 year warranty".

Obviously I was outraged and claimed to take my car. The guy insisted I would have a blown tire and the damage could be worse. I asked him if he could use the spare tire. He informs me he can't take the spare out because "it is rusty" and adds " oh by the way your front light need to change too!" OMG! I was flabbergasted by the whole drama...The 20-30 minutes turned out to be more than an hour and I was coerced to purchase tires that I DON'T need. On top of that I got my tail light and front light out! they were perfectly working on my way to the TIRESPLUS and now mysteriously not working... I left that store as soon as I can... By the way, I have been a customer of that store since 2005 and was purchasing whatever the service adviser told me.

Anyways I go to Firestone-another shop- ( less than a mile away) and got my tire fixed for $ 22. I was thankful that I didn't spend hundreds of dollars for a simple flat tire. I don't want any other person to be scammed by these people. That is why I 'm writing this!

Product or Service Mentioned: Tires Plus Repair.

Monetary Loss: $868.

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Reno, Nevada, United States #726089

a simple phone has more gimick's as you put it .but it seems all they were trying to do is inform you, you had no obligation to purchase but felt an obligation to slander. patching a tire is only temporary , most often results are replacing the tire, all wheel drive cars brought a new problem to the table as 4/32nds of an inch can cause inadvertent wear to drive train components , viscous couplers overheat from constant friction as opposed to when all tires are the same symmetrical diameter the revolutions are equal resulting in lower temperatures and less you see things are not as they were in 1960.

but slander still has it's place in the Legal system. :p

to poorworker #726361

Thank you for the expert opinion."Slandering" as you accused me of doing is not what I did. I never went to court to gain/profit from this incident.

I shared my opinion based on my EXPERIENCE... So that others will NOT be taken advantage of. You were not there to witness the deception and the pressure the service adviser put me through.

Almost a year has passed since that person demanded I change all the tires- I didn't purchase any tires...the 4 tires still are working. In fact, 27,000 miles have been added since that service adviser in Tiresplus demanded that I change them...

You think that is fair?!

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My name is Tom and I am from the Firestone Corporate Office. I have read through your complaint and want to apologize for the unsatisfactory service you recently recieved. I had a few questions regarding your visit. I was wondering if any tires were purchased, as well as if there was an invoice associated with this visit? If you could email me at I can get the right people involved to address this issue.



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