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They charge for oil changes that never happen, And also charge for parts that never get put on. The owner lies to the customers, And will never stand by there work.

So how can Tires Plus say they guarantee there work and parts. But at least I know were the service personnel learned to lie to the customers. So be careful you will get taken. The first job they screwed up was on my Jeep.

The tecnichian doing the oil change pulled the wrong bolt and droped all the gears to the bottom of the transmision. It took four days for them to fix it, Me with out a car. And when it was done the first thing I get is a bill for the job. The next thing was my wifes Hummer, I get new tires for it.

The service person said I need to order some Batteries for the tires to keep from having problems with the TPM. When it was done it didnt make it 5 miles before the problems started with the TPM. When I took it back I was told the the parts werent put in the tires, Wich I paid for and had to pay for again to get it fixed. I asked about there garentee.

The service person would not answer me, the secound time I asked him he turned his back on me. So I wrote to the head ofice, The owner called me the next day, They did fix the Hummer after three mounths of arguing.The owner said he would take care of my truck, Witch has not happened that was four mounths ago. I paid for the right to complain, I hope no one eles get treated this way by this company.

Or the one that says he is the owner, Mr. Lundeen

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I seriously doubt that pulling the drain bolt to the transmission oil pan will cause all the gears or any gears inside the transmission to drop to the bottom of the transmission.

I think what you meant is that the oil tech drained your automatic transmission fluid instead of your engine oil. He then went and put 6 quarts of engine oil into an already full engine. With 12 quarts of engine oil in an engine that takes only 6, blue smoke is likely to come out of the tail pipe and your transmission won't upshift because it doesn't have any ATF.

Now, as far as the TPMS, TPMS systems can be tricky and is not always fixed in one visit. As long as they fix it again, without charging you extra is what really matters.


I am sorry that I upset you, Im not very good with this computer. And a little on the old side.

It seems you do know witch plug that they should have taken out instead of the bolt.

But all I want to do is worn people, If I keep one person from getting taken by them I will have done some good. So if you must have your fun.

Thank you,


first of all learn how to spell or get your wife to do it. second of all [dumb ***] the drain plug for the transmission isn't what holds the gears in place.third it's a tpms sensor .you don't replace the battery you replace the sensor .

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