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I have an '01 VW Jetta. I took to T.P.

to have work done on. Among that worklist were 4 new brake pads and rotors with the lines flushed. I also had the headlight restoration. After paying the hefty bil, I left and immediately noticed that the new brakes didn't grab like new ones should.

Took back the next day, was told they needed "breaking in". So I drove for months with the constant sound like the pads were dragging on the rotors & brakes sqealing. Took back many more times to be told that the problem was condensation forming when it was parked. Still having issues with no recourse.

The other problem. The headlight restoration. They did that, but there are many bubbles on the surface, but the worst problem....the didn't use anything to protect the paint around the headlights which is now gouged and scratched. Estimate to fix $1000!

They won't do! These people are hideous!

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If you are dump enough to puy a Volkswagen, then you deserve all the Farfegnugen that is coming to you.


To 'tp customer'- I'm not quite sure why you made the comments you did regarding my review? I in no way even mentioned a tire in any part of my review. So I'm not quite sure what you are talking about.


Depending on the location of the puncture If that tire happens to fail, T.P will be fully liable for the outcome and pretty much held responsible in our court system in case of an accident . Lord for bid.

I have been a T.P customer for 10 years and I fully trust their proffesionalism towards all of my vehicles. Now are they a perfect repair shop, of course not neither are the hospital , doctors ,lawyers in this world.

Road hazard would of paid for the tire if purchased. Hey, I also learned my lesson..


Tire Plus sucks big time. They will reap you off.

I went to repair flat tire at tire plus des moines, iowa location. I bought that tire from there a year ago. They told me that the tire was not repairable and asked me to change it. It was not even a year old tire.

I was pissed off. Went to the next door Car X and they fixed with without any charge.

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