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Update by user Jan 06, 2012

Got an email from the website asking to post any updates to this matter now that its over a month from the original review. All I can say is, my \"fixed\" tire is as good as a new one off the factory -- smooth and no issues whatsoever.

Thanks again to Discount Tire on Highway 7, Minnetonka for the rescue, accurate assessment and professional job.

To me, that\'s customer service that makes a difference -- regardless of brand, business age or status. -S

Update by user Nov 22, 2011

Couple of things I wanted to add to this review -- since I didn\'t find an edit option to change the text.

First, that TiresPlus were polite and friendly like any other store. They just would not fix my tire.

Second, that at Discount Tire, a \"manager\" did not have to examine my tire because of any escalation. Just that at my turn at the counters, the person I interfaced with happened to be a manager.

Original review posted by user Nov 22, 2011

Tires Plus (Columbia Heights, MN) would not fix my flat tire saying that a screw has gone in the tire at an "odd angle" and so the tire must be replaced. And since my car was All-wheel-drive, they said they would refuse to replace anything but all 4 tires at the same time.

I thought of taking a second opinion and went to Discount Tire on Highway 7 at Minnetonka (which was near my workplace). The manager examined the damage and said, "this looks fixable". After it was done, he showed me the part of the tire where it was fixed and it was just fine.

Drove back home with it installed. The vehicle is a newer BMW and I am a very picky driver. No vibrations or lumpiness, smooth as ever.

Discount Tire saved me a ton of money today. Their stores at Highway 7, Minnetonka, MN; and the one at Blaine, MN I think are great tire store choices if you like to be treated like a valued customer.

As for TiresPlus, they should probably hire somebody who knows a thing or two about fixing a flat.

Monetary Loss: $800.

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Thanks for the insight on what's wrong with this country, Edward.. You are entitled to your opinion.


First of all, imagine how different things would have been if that improperly repaired tire would have blown out and you would have lost control and caused damage to life or property. YOU, sap762 would be the first person suing Discount Tire, I guarantee it.

But, the underlying issue here is that you bought an expensive BMW that was way over your budget and you cannot afford to maintain it. Instead of having properly trained and certified people (at the dealership) working on your ultimate driving machine, you resort to bouncing between some questionable local shops. You even admit that you don't trust these shops!

The only reason you trust Discount Tire is because they told you what you wanted to hear. People like you are what's wrong with this country today.


Thanks for taking the time to investigate and clarify. I can appreciate that. That makes sense and sounds like a legitimate safe call from a business point of view.

Also understandably, this incident has confirmed my motivation to go to Discount Tire for my future tire needs. I felt that they were more customer oriented and yet professional in their workmanship and outcome. $800 is still a major expense for a BMW owner -- a difference I'd have had to pay had I chosen to take Tires Plus' word for it.

The justification is well taken, but I'll probably have to skip considering services of the establishment (Tires Plus) if I can help it -- just this customer's choice.


The shoulders of the tread should not be repaired because shops don't want their garage liability insurance premiums to go up. Businesses have the right to choose which risks they are willing to take on and which risks they are willing to let their competitors take on.

It also doesn't hurt to sell a tire or two while keeping safety first.

The shoulder is the area between the sidewall and the outermost major groove. There is a curved portion that flexes and will almost always leak if a repair is attempted.

This is a good way to ensure a flat in the near future. There is a flat portion that most likely will not leak if repaired but is a questionable area and businesses don't like uncertainty when it comes to things like geting sued.


Steve, Thanks for reading through and leaving a comment.

You are indicating that one establishment follows RMA guidelines while the other does not.

That would have been better standing if a detailed inquiry had been made into what RMA guideline the mechanic was about to break by fixing that tire -- though the details don't have to be posted here. Perhaps also a review of the mechanic's past history for similar "judgment calls" would help to see if its a recurring issue. But without this homework, mentioning that is quite inconsiderate and frankly, not much better than the customer's experience at the store itself.

I didn't think the store was trying to sell me a tire. But I know where I'll probably not be going to get my advice again.

BSRO Social

I am from the corporate office of Tires Plus.

There are many times where we will not repair a flat tire when the damaged area is in a location where it is unsafe to do so. We follow the Rubber Manufacturers Association (RMA) guidelines for flat repair.

Unfortunately, because their standards are tough, there are times where other tire places will fix a flat but we will not. We understand that this may give the appearance to others that we just want to get a tire sale but in all reality, it is because we know that a tire repair on some locations is not safe.

We want to keep you as a Tires Plus customer but understand if our decision to follow the RMA guidelines when repairing a tire has caused you not to trust us.

If you have any questions, please let us know at


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