Been going to the same shop for a very long time. Went there for "4" new tires and not one worker wore a shirt with his name embroidered or a pin with his name on it.

This is a first. I would like to know why. The waiting room has a door that leads to the shop. That door needs to be fixed.

Every time it opens and closes it "Slams" with a very loud noise. When you have to sit there and wait for Two Hours, that noise can drive you crazy.

I suggested that they put a piece of tape on the latch. They treated it as a joke.

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I've also been going to Tires Plus for a very long time, and they've never wore a name tag. The salesperson always told me their name and they have a business card available right on the desk...

whats the big deal?

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My name is Tom and I am with the Tires Plus Corporate Offices. I was wondering if you would be able to email me at social@bfrc.com with the store location and anymore details you may have so I can look into this. Anything you can provide us with would be greatly appreciated as we hope to resolve this issue.



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