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I have a 94 Mustang Cobra and last year i replaced everything in the front end meaning, rack and pinion, ball joints, tie rod ends, struts, and this year with not even 1000 miles on it my rack and pinion is shot. I get under to look at the car and you can see where they guy that did the alignment turned the steering rod to set the alignment but didn't turn the boot back so it would bind up and guess what it did and it ended up wearing 2 holes in the boot and took out the rack and pinion.

So i was able to get the rack covered by warranty and replaced it my self. So i file a complaint and they call the manager of that tires plus and he just has to say that "the mechanic that worked on your car has over 19 years of experience and I have never seen this before" so the manager is saying that i am a dum *** "Even though i have worked on cars for the past 20 years" and don't know nothing and his mechanic is GOD. What he should have said is I am sorry this happened things like this happen from time to time what can we do to make it right for you.

Well guess what I will never go to any or your stores again. *** me over once and that's all it takes.

Monetary Loss: $300.

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You say you worked on cars for the past 20 years. Not for a living, though.

I take it that you are saying you have been fixing your own cars for the past 20 years.

If you work as a mechanic, mechanics talk to each other and word gets around about which shops are bad.

If you were an industry insider, there's no way you would have taken your car to a bad shop. Which makes me think you are not an industry insider.


You know a lot about cars. But you still took your car to a rip-off shop like Tires Plus?

Any real mechanic will tell you they're the most crooked chain shop out there right now.

And they'll mess up your car real bad in a lot of cases, as you found out. At least you're not going to those crooked thieves again and let them *** one more time.

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