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Just recently I visited the tires plus in Overland Park at 75th and Metcalf. After the salesman gave me incorrect reasons to not balance my trailer tires, I them do it anyways.

They quoted a price to balance the tires, but did not quote prices for parts (Tire Weights). I'm fifty years old and have never had to pay extra for tire weights before. Amazingly enough, they charged for 'parts' to balance the tires.

I went back after I realized the gouging I got, but they only stated the one little weight they put on each tire was 'expensive'.

Don't go there unless you want to get taken and get wrong information.

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It was bad that they didn't tell you the "out the door" price. They only told you a portion of the total price.

That is alway bad.

I've never heard of charging separately for wheel weights. I've never heard of charging sales tax for wheel weights either.

Manappakkam, Tamil Nadu, India #219968

Hey, I'm a cheap b@@sterd. Instructions that came with the trailer kit mentioned balancing of small tires was not necessary.

I guess when someone asks how much does something cost he's supposed to know about those extra costs they "forgot" to mention.

*** as charged! (what a bunch of maroons)


This is easily in the top 3 most pointless consumer compaints ever. Tires Plus gives the customer an option to opt out of the tire balancing on trailer tires to save money, and then when the ignorant customer insists on spending money, he suddenly becomes irate because he has to pay for parts and labor? There's just no pleasing some people, that's why everyone commenting on this report is pointing out how *** and annoying the original poster is.


That whole district is a ripoff! ran by dale stanaslaus and todd julin biggist scammers in tires plus!!


The price of all tires sold at Tires Plus include mounting a balancing. This includes trailor tires.

Dehra Dun, Uttarakhand, India #73577

First of all the bill or quote if you will is separated parts and labor for instance $2.99 parts and $8.00 labor because on the bill you cannot charge tax on labor and you can on parts. If he or she simply said $10.99 each tire you probably wouldn't have complained.

Its people like you that caused me to get out of tire retail service. You are a ***.

Bethnal Green, England, United Kingdom #26724

Sorry you feel ripped off by someone who tried to save you money in the first place by not balancing your trailer is a preference...not a necessity. Also, if you follow the price of lead(which is what the weights are still made of) it has gotten crazy & Uncle Sam wants his tax money from the resale of weights...again crazy I know but true. Next time you are in this dealer's neighborhood stop in & thank him for being an honest tax paying American!

Hopewell, Pennsylvania, United States #25516

do you know why or why you should not ballance trailer tires all knowing

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