Glad to hear that a technician has graduated high school and is educating those who have complained. I have also graduated high school, along with a BS,MS and MBA degrees. Whether you spell it correctly or use improper notation, if you have a legitimate complaint, voice it.

My complaint concerns the Tires Plus practice of "Courtesy Check". These inspections are free and are to determine if your vehicle needs additional work or if it is approaching wear points that will need your attention in the future. Since 2005, when I purchased my new F-150, Tires Plus has done all the maintenance. Faithfully I have changed my oil every 3-5K miles or 3-5 months and have always asked for a "Courtesy Check".

The issue was my last oil change, tire purchase and at my request, brake replacement. My vehicle has 95,600 miles and was on the original brakes. At each oil change, especially since 60K miles, I have asked about my brakes, always was told they are good and no replacement is needed. I have documentation of "Courtesy Checks" from 2006 and never once were the brakes noted as needing work. I did not believe that brakes could last 95K miles so I requested they be replaced regardless of condition. No surprise what happened next.

I received a phone call from the highly educated technician that said "good thing we looked at your brakes. They are 99% worn, you need 4 new rotors, complete flush of fluids. You're fortunate we did our "Courtesy Check" and found these safety issues." Must have forgot that I asked for them to be replaced even though 4 months ago they were perfectly fine and 6 months ago I had only worn 8/32's off the pads. (Stated on the check sheet) All I need to do is authorize an additional $1600 and no more worries.

What was discussed next won't add to this complaint but short story, I paid for tires and an oil change and took my truck to another repair shop for the work which just happened to cost $702.00 for "lifetime brakes". (the rear rotors did not need replacing, no idea where the balance of the dollars we going to make up the $1600.00.)

The core of the issue: Tires Plus serviced my truck from 2005 to present. I believe they have a practice of not reporting replaceable item wear until there are maximum dollars to be made.

Moral: If you think they are watching out for your best interest, think again. They are an undermining, unethical business that wants max dollars, period!

Best advice, use someone else or get a second opinion after every "Courtesy Check".

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I've never heard of front brake pads lasting 95,600 miles. If it's true, then you most do mosting highway driving with little city driving.


Has anyone ever taken a vehicle to Tires Plus and they did NOT try to sell you rotors or tell you it was unsafe to drive?

That is their standard practice.

They will point out heat checks in truck rotors and tell you they are on the *** of destruction, etc.

Stay Away!!!!


Tires Plus in ST. JOSEPH MO.

is the worst at sucking people dry! The manager JACK BIDDING will try to sell you everything you don't need! will scare you and say your car will crash if you don't buy it, but then again he is told to do this from corprate!

his district managers call every day and threatens him and everybody else to sell things to people when they don't need it! TIRES PLUS IS A BIG SCAM!


I just had this happen to me regarding my brakes with Tires Plus as well. They have done the "Courtesy Checks" on my Jeep and each time I ask about my brakes.

All of a sudden, they say I need pads, rotars, etc. They want to charge $600.00 for something that should have been taken care of with pads months ago.

Totally waited until I needed major repair on the brakes before they said anything to me. I don't think I will be taking my vehicle to them any longer.


I never graduated high school. who's the *** now?

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