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My brother had some tires put on my vehicle. A set of wild trail tires identical and new.

The tires were nice, but were slightly big for the minivan I had. So I decided to have those tires removed and put on my other vehicle. I took my van to tires plus, purchased 4 new tires from them, and asked them to give me back the tires they removed. They installed the tires, I paid, and was leaving, when I looked for my tire paperwork.

They didn't give me the paperwork for the tires I bought. I went back in, and discovered that my paperwork had been thrown in the trash. Now a little skeptical, I decided to look at the tires they put in the van. They were 4 used tires that didn't match.

I confronted the staff about this. They were adamant that the tires were not there. I had seen a truck with tires on the back leave several minutes earlier. Although I cant prove that the truck left with my tires, here is what I know for sure.

-The tires I had were wild trail, so new that they still had the rubber "hair" on them. -the tires I got back were mismatched, with only one used wild trail. -the whole reason that I needed the tires removed was that my tires were scrubbing the firewall when I turned. the tires they put back on my vehicle did not scrub in turns.

-I have been a firestone credit card holder for almost 20 years, and have bought plenty of tires through tires plus. My credit is excellent, and there is absolutely no one on the planet that can show that I ever been dishonest in any dealings.

Tires Plus in Perry Ga were extremely dishonest today. Who knows what other people they have taken advantage of.

Product or Service Mentioned: Tires Plus Customer Care.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

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