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I took my car to tires plus and told them I wanted all the lights out on my dashboard which looked like a lighted Christmas tree. I wanted new tires and new "brakes" When they were done my bill was $1,600.

All the lights was off the dashboard etc.. The very next day I was driving the car and the brakes went out, totally no brakes, i'm an elderly female and I was terrified. Not only the brakes but the lights were back, i was told i'd have to pay an additional $900.00 to get that fixed. Bottom line Tires Plus wanted me to pay to have the brakes repaired.

No way, I called corperate and they told me I did not have to pay. Anyway, they charged me $1,600.

and did nothing but change the oil and put on 4 new tires @ $199.00 for all. Now i'm stuck with this big bill and the lights are still on.

Product or Service Mentioned: Tires Plus Oil Change.

Monetary Loss: $1.

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Ever since around the 1960's, federal law requires that all motor vehicles have redundant braking systems. There are 2 braking circuits. If one fails, you still have the other one unless it's the master cylinder that fails, then you have the E-brake.

Sounds to me like Tires Plus didn't do a good job inspecting your brake system.

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