In December 2013 took van to get 4 new tires at Tires Plus in Onalaska, WI. They told me they could not align the tires until I replaced the inner tire rod ends.

I payed them to do this. On April 2014 I took my van in to get the front brakes replaced. In October 2014 the breaks went bad and the tires were worn down. I took it back they said they would give me new tires and breaks but they couldn't allign it because my tire rod ends were bad.

I said they just replaced them. They said they would also be under warranty. Then they said the rac and pion needed to be replaced and I would have to pay for that. When I told them i will have another mechanic look at it and fix that the manager told me then the tires and tire rod ends would not be under warranty.

A week later I took it to a different mechanic and he said Tires Plus didn't put my car back together.

They did not clamp tire rod end boot on which caused the vent tube to drag on the ground and damage the power steering cooler. I will not be going back to Tires Plus in Onalaska, WI

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