I had to get my car towed from the highway for over heating. Closest place was Tires Plus.

I told them them the problem appeared to from a leaky radiator. They confirmed that was the problem and gave me an estimate of $700.00, $400.00 for radiator installed plus $150.00 to flush system and $150.00 to replace a $6.00 thermostat. While I was waiting I was calling around for comps and prices ranged from $250.00 to $450.00, The $450.00 estimate happened to be another Tires Plus. When I told them I couldn't go for the price and was going to take my truck elsewhere they demanded $74.00 for the estimate, when I objected to the charge they proceeded to remove my valve stem on all four tire and removed the air, leaving me stranded.

I had to call the police to get things shorted out and paid there estimate charge.

They tried to royally screw me. Never ever take your car to the Tires Plus.

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I know where this douche bag is Pep Boys Dacula Ga


What Mr. Buzz leaves out in his comments are that before we did any inspection or work.

We presented to him a work order for inspection to be performed. We explained to him that the inspection charge was $69.99 and that it would go towards any work performed.

He signed the work order before we started. We asked for payment only after we rendered services, but due to the fact he did not feel we worked long enough on his vehicle he did not want to pay.

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