I went to tires plus (in Jax Beach) to have four things done to my truck.I had shocks/struts replaced, oil pan leak, new calipers, and a clutch replacement.well about week later, I noticed that the gasket that was installed on my oil pan was leaking.went back and got an appointment to have it(oil leak) repaired (so I thought).Went back for scheduled appointment (for the leak) and they did not even put my vehicle on the rack/lift.The (cheeseball) mechanic(word used very loosely) told me that I needed to clean the engine off with engine cleaner and see "what happens".I am thinking to myself, "I made an appointment/scheduled so I could be told to clean my engine with engine cleaner.If the mechanic (lazy ***) put my vehicle on the rack he would have seen the oil leak.It was plain as day.So, I had to make ANOTHER appointment.Went to the second appointment and they actually put my truck on the lift, and left it there for an hour.Then told me that I would have to make another appointment, even though there were two empty bays!!!!!!!!!!!!


got in touch with tires plus corporate and scheduled a an appointment(at the ponte vedra tires plus) to get the oil leak fixed.The mechanic at the tires plus(PV) store informed that a toyota pickup truck did not require a gasket, just a bead of sealer (like silicone) around the rim.THE *** AT THE JAX BEACH STORE DID NOT EVEN KNOW THAT YOU WHERE NOT SUPPOSED A GASKET!!!!!! Anyway the mechanic (PV Tires plus) repaired leak.I was happy as ***.He also found a leaking oil pump gasket (I saw it under the vehicle).Got that fixed as well.All was good.

Then, a few weeks later, I noticed that my throw out bearing (clutch) was squealing, and later on my clutch really started "acting up" ("hot spots" in flywheel).Through lots of complaining I was (miraculously) able to get e refund (for my clutch work).Eventually I had a friend (with a garage) help me install (right the first time) a clutch.Then we discoverd that the only thing replaced was clutch (disc) itself.Even though I was sold a whole clutch kit (bearing, pressure plate, disc).We also discovered that the flywheel had not been resurfaced!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! WTF?!!! Common pratice is to replace the flywheel with a new or resurfaced flywheel.This is like doing a brake job without turning, or replacing the rotors.

After that I noticed that one of my struts had come loose/sheared the bolt.Only one way this can happen- if you leave a bolt loose!!!!!!!

Fixed this myself.Just did not wnat to deal with the BS.

Then just the other day, I noticed that my truck was pulling when I braked.So I got up under the truck and looked around and discovered that the oil pump gasket I had replaced was leaking.Well yesterday I left my car there and the replaced one of my calipers(warranty work).I also asked them to look at the oil pump gasket leak.

Low and behold, I get a call form tires plus.I was told that not only do I need rotors and pads (because my rotors where "too thin" )You always change pads when you turn or replace rotors.But the oil (oil pump gasket) that I saw (with my own two eyes) somehow started coming from the rear main seal.They tried to sell me on a new rear main gasket .Hello, when I replaced the clutch I looked at the seal.The seal was dry!!!!!!!!!

I Just looked at the paperwork that I got, and it states that my rotors are under specs, and my pads are 95% worn.This is a complete and total lie.I checked then yesterday after I got home form tires plus.Why did I check? To see if I was right (about tires plus lying to me).I was right

Before I knew was I was getting into (with tires plus) I bought a lifetime aligment.I will never be able to take full advantage of this (alignment package), simply because I do not trust tires plus to work on my vehicle.

Anybody that has had trouble with tires plus, fee free to email me directly.

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i went to tire plus 2/23/12 to get an oil change and i left with shot brake lines. they told me to fix them and i refused them to fix it because they were working fine when i went there to get an oil change, and when i left there was brake fluid leaking from drivers side front brakes.

so i called them and cussed them out and they said they had no idea what happen.

so i called corporate and they took my phone number and now im waiting for them to respond. but i want everyone to no do not go to TIRES PLUS for anything, they will do anything for you to spend more money at there place so *** them.


I took my car in to Tires Plus on Spanish River Blvd 5/22/11 for a standard oil change and alignment. Nine days later, my oil warning light came on when I was driving down the highway.

When I pulled over, oil was gushing out of the bottom of my car and covering the back trunk area. I had my car towed to another mechanic to see what the issue was. When the mechanic lifted my car, he pointed out to me writing on the oil filter reading "I HATE TIRES PLUS 5/22/11 -Shyne." The mechanic also pointed out the engine mounts were loosened to finger tight and the oil cap was missing. The mechanic, Fred Iabone, with over 30 years of auto experience told me he had never seen this before.

His assumption was the mechanic at Tires Plus had left the cap on loose enough to fall off during travels. He also pointed out the the engine bolts could not be unscrewed accidentally, that they would have used a machine to loosen the bolts that much. My car has never required engine work and therefore the bolts did not require tampering with. I filed a police report immediately with the Boca Raton Police Department.

The mechanic Taryn Jamar Davis admitted to writing on the car because he was having a "bad day" and admitted to perhaps not tightening the plug sufficiently. He did not admit to tampering with the engine mount bolts. Contacted Tires Plus regarding incident in which they claim they are not responsible for any damage to the vehicle. After two independent mechanic reports, it was recommended my engine be replaced due to damage.

Therefore, I have purchased a used engine for my 2006 Honda Civic amounting to $4082.

Extra expenditures so far have included rental car fees, missed day of work, interest on my credit cards, and estimate costs. In the process of filing a lawsuit against Tires Plus for damages

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