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I just went in to tires plus in king of prussia, pennsylvania. It was just for an oil change.

Then all of a sudden i had to get a belt, air filter, two tires, and a valve gasket cap or something. Well me being a woman and living on my own I let them do the work. They have done this to me before and i thought nothing of it. They always were quick with their service times.

But when i saw this site i realized how bad they are.

Dont ever go here guys they will nickle and dime you. I want to sue them.

Product or Service Mentioned: Tires Plus Oil Change.

Monetary Loss: $435.

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I went to Tires Plus in Berwyn, PA, close to King of Prussia, and got 4 tires. 2 days later, the jeep sounded like the tires were rubbing against the axle, or the transmission went, or my brakes completely disinigrated.

Long story short, I went today, they had NO TIME, lied about brakes, were rude and frankly, I think they put tires which were too large on the car. DON'T GO THERE & jones, get a life

I also had an incident with tires plus. I brought my car in to have the tires balanced before a trip we were taking.

20 minutes after they had it in the shop the service manager came out with a list of things my car needed. The list ranged from the brakes (both front and rear including calipers,rotors drums, hardware, hoses and master cylinder) NEW TIRES? (they had 27,000 miles on them with littl;e wear) , tie rods, alignment, air filter and a camshaft posiition sensor :x . He gave me a total and said the tech is WORKING on and it will be done in a few hours.

I became rather animated stating I never authorized them to do any of this work. The response I got was "parts are ordered and the tech is already working" on it. I demanded they reassemble my car and pull it out imediatly. The manager argued stating " its a safety issue now" I promptly walked the manager out to my car on the hoist and showed him the new brakes Frt.

and rear that I installed the weekend earlier. Than informed him I had the tie rods were replaced 3 months prior. I asked how can the Camshaft possition sensor be bad when the check engine lite is not on and the car runs as smooth as the day I got it.

His response was "It will be ready in 5 minutes" So long story short it is thier job to make money but be carefull if you have to go there. I will never return.

I've been there before and they tried to do that to me as well. However it depends on the service tech. Being a mechanics daughter I caught them in a lie and smiled at the guy when I did it.

I was like "Oh I need a new air filter? Funny i just replaced that two days ago, can I see it?" I got the "I'm sorry but no one is allowed back there that isn't an employee." So I told him "Well thanks for the tip, I'll make sure to replace it myself."

He did some work I knew the care needed, then i took it to a reliable Mechanic (West Chester and worth the drive out there to find him. He works out of his home.).

Look for "Dependable Service" in West Chester PA.

The mechanic told me they were full of ***, and then told me that my brakes needed to be replaced. I took a look at them myself... and this was something THEY had either missed or ignored.


Hameenlinna, Southern Finland, Finland #115680

Sue them for what????????????????? you are the *** who told them to do it.If you werent smart enough to learn the first time, then dont be crying!!!!!!!!

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