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I have had good success atg Tires Plus on N. May, OKC.

However, last week I made the mistake of going to another store closer to me. I am an 80 year old woman but not *** or senile. I went in to have them fix my right front tire which appeared to be having a slow leak. Instead they took about 20 minutes (if that) to give me a TPVI and a Fuel System tuneujp and then said I needed about #1100.00 worth of service but when they saw I was not goingh for that, they said it could wait until next summer.

I went home sensing the tire still had a nail or something in it. I got up early the next morning and went to the Tires Plus I trust and sure enough they removed a nail from my front tire.(I had purchased the tires from Tires Plus. I called Discover and told dthem not to pay the first place...this may be a problem but I am going to fight anyway. I have avery limited income and although my car is a 1994 Olds, it is in very good condition and I only drive aboiut 25-30 miles.

if that a month.

It would have been difficult for me to have a flat somewhere away from my home. This is such a rip off and how many other people have they ripped off.

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