I bought 4 'NEW' Michelin Cross Terraine tires plus the 'warranty' for a total of $841.91 from Tires Plus June 2004. At the time I, like millions of others, was unaware that you can find out when the tire was actually made by looking at the DOT# on the tire wall which gives the week and year the tire was manufactured.

The long and short of this story is that I was sold 2 tires that were already 3 years old, 2 tires there were one year in age at the same full price, and was told by 'Howard' in Jacksonville Florida (district manager) that they are allowed to sell tires up to 5 years old to consumers. The NHTSA recommends that tires be replaced that range in age of 6-10 years of age. So, you can buy tires that are already 5 years old and get only 1-5 years of actual wear if you go by the Highway Safety Administration's guidelines. They additionally recommend that it also depends upon the make, model, mileage, etc.

of the tire if you can expect to get as many as 10 years. Tires Plus will only offer you the difference between what the tread wear is and the actual mileage you have on the tires towards 'new' tires (whatever the age really is you would have to check again). And so basically they offer you nothing. My car's tires had only 29K miles on them and yet the tires are 8 years old, the car is 7 years old, and I bought them 5 years ago.

I asked Howard if he would (since he's in the business and knows this information) if he would knowingly buy 3 or even the 5 year old tire and not only put them on his own car but also pay FULL price (like we the consumer is forced too). His only response was to state that he could say the same thing about what I do for a living (not knowing what my career is).

And to that end, I am a Realtor and in no way have I ever met a buyer who goes into a transaction knowing how old the house is that expects to pay the same for a 3-5 year old house that they would pay for a house next door that was built in 2009! I hope that everyone reads this if for no other reason than to be aware of the age of a tire at the time you're in the tire store so you can make a better decision as to whether you're going to pay the same price for a 5 year old tire that's been sitting around in a HOT warehouse or if you would rather be smarter and buy a truely NEW tire for the same price!

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my tires are listed as recalled on tiredefects.com guess that is why tires plus could not find a replacement tire for the garbage they sold me....wonder if they would put rotten tires on their mother's car? :zzz


:( OH TIRE PLUS TOOK ADVANTAGE OF YOU TOO? hmm we should start a class action suit against them or at least picket their stores and warn the other customers of tires plus fraudulant behavior. :grin
Karori, Wellington, New Zealand #64660

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