After reading all the bad comments I was nervous as to how being

a woman with a bad tire be taken advantage of.. I was pleasntly

surprised, of course it couldnt be fixed. So I thought use my

spare.. flat also... So now is where they get me right. Nope,

They sold me just one tire, normally you get the speech " I can't

sell you one tire it won't ride right. They gave me one tire at

there suggestion at a great price and when I got back in my car

my money that I had left in the tray was still there. So for all

the negative comments you hear remember there are good comments

but alot of time people don't take the time to comment when they're



from Barb with the exploded tire

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Took my car in for 4 new tires and an oil change. I pay for my items go out to my car and it wont start.

Was told that everything checked out great even the battery. Well they jumped it and off I went. Upon entering hwy 36 my car started to shake not terrible but non the less I spend good money on tires and this happens. Don't you think that if you are doing something to someones car that might affect the drive-ability that you should take it out on the road at hwy speeds to make sure that everything is in working order?

Now I have to bring it back tomorrow at my inconvenience and they think that that is ok. Bull ***


i have to agree i went to tireplus in willmar mn and got great service

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