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the only detail you need to know is they charged me $196.00 for a master cylinder, after I called around and found out I could get one for $50.00 at most auto parts store, when I asked the salesman about it, he couldn't look me in the eye's and explain why THEY RIPPED ME OFF!!!!!! so be aware of anyone that works at a tires plus they practice theft, and since I need 100 words to complain it was the tires plus in white bear lake twp, mn. steven Behrens is the salesman, thankyou for nothing

Monetary Loss: $150.

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ever consider that most businesses charge you for something that you could do yourself if not for the lazy and ignorance factor? try telling McDonalds you could make that burger cheaper and see what they say.

Either quit complaining and learn how to do it yourself, or quit complaining period. yes, the part may have been $50, but the person you are paying to have do it, the building and equipment being used, and general knowledge.

All things I suspect you lack, otherwise you would have done it yourself. Cheers.

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Well said!

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The problem is they buy parts from the same parts stores as a do it yourself and the parts stores have a nationwide warranty also so if i buy a part in Wisconsin and move to Minnesota you can get it warrantied still. So their high quality comes from the same stores as anyone else would by it.

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My name is Tom and I am with the Firestone Corporate Office. I have read your review and want to apologize that your experience was anything but perfect.

There are many reasons a part may be higher priced at our store then can be found on the internet or parts wholesaler. The increase in price can come from our nationwide warranty on parts valid at any of our 2,200 stores, extended part warranty often above that of outside parts, or due to the high quality O.E.M or comparable parts used. We also offer a Price-Match Guarantee at all of our Tires Plus locations.

If you find a comparable service at a less expensive price we will match it. If you feel that the price you were given was not accurate for the service and would like me to investigate, please feel free to email me at

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