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The old guy with long haired dirty looking guy name is Ricardo who claims that he is a mechanic, well he is just learning how to be one and does not speak English. He over torque lugnuts, over filled engine oil, practiced on cars doing alignment and think about a 65 year old rookie mechanic that used to sell drugs in The Villages, FL.

He needs to be relieve of his duties and his work reference are fabricated, it s his relatives from another country. As the manager of Tires Plus here in Fairfax, VA. I'm about to fire this guy for his work ethics and always if not most of the time he lives oil streak in customers car and I have to clean them.

So Tires Plus, Leesburg Florida and Firestone, The Villages FL you need to be careful of this person because he is a liar.

The mechanics name I'm talking about is Ricardo Ainza. What a real world liar and also a thief for collecting those aerosol cleaners.

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If you are really a manager in tiresplus then you should not have endorsed him to be hired in Florida. Who is the liar here? How easy is it is to malign anyone without proof using this kind of platform

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