We went to Tires Plus in Springfield, PA, to have a belt put back on - the belt is new this year. They charged over $50 (for 10 minutes of work) to put on the belt. They claimed we needed a new one. The same company said that our other vehicle needed over $600 in repairs . Turned out we needed less than $300 in repairs. They also recommended unnessary services!

Tires Plus in Springfield OVERCHARGES its customers. I requested a refund when the belt came off a week later. The manger declined. What poor and terrible, customer service!

What a rip off!

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Reno, Nevada, United States #606734

C'mon you guys , really, that *** don't fly, who knows the absolute condition and outcome of every repair? without spending a great deal of time with the vehicle and researching the Maintenance, or lack thereof, the odds are better at a slot machine that you're going to get it right he first time.


There's no point putting the belt back on. A misaligned pulley or bad tensioner probably caused it to come off. You you put it back on without fixing the caused, it will just come right back off and probably damage the new belt as well.

The mechanic should have inspected the all the pulleys for any misalignment before letting the car leave the shop.


I must agree with Alan on Bob Sumerel in Cincy area. Not the cheapest but fair and you get what you paid for.

I ask about a repair that was marginal and the tech suggested that I could safely drive several thousand miles without the added expense. I hope they continue to do very good work at a fair price.


I bet there is more to this story than the inbred complainer is letting on. you should swallow a bottle of bleach and save the world from having to deal with you from now on.


i disagree with both of you. do your research and you'll find that almost "every" shop in this industry does work based on book time.

for example if the job takes four hours due to going un smooth would you like them to charge you for their four hours of labor? i doubt it. also of that 600 $ in recomandations some of them may have been preventative maintinence ........meaning SUGGESTED not REQUIRED.

the other shop may not have been knowledgeable enough to even recamend the items. i have been to many dealerships and tires plus beats the *** out of their service and skill.


I certainly experience this in Cincy OH also. I will now only use their service for oil changes and my free lifetime alignment service.

They are really good at preying on people that don't think twice about getting a second opinion on whether you actually need repairs or not.

Be careful!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Try Bob Sumerel in the Cincy area; they are honest and worthy.

to Alan Zimmerman #593419

I also experienced this in Missouri. I was quoted one price, then charged $200 more.

They kept my car until closing time and I had no choice but to pay the bill. Not a happy person, I will never use Tires Plus again.

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