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i went in to get a alignment and going to special Oder 4 new tires for my other car. i first printed out walmart tires service charge and brought it with me.

while i was standing near the counter, another customer was quoted for some tires. i told the guy about walmart service and than ask mr bob if the other customer can get the balancing for walmart price. mr bob said no price match with walmart or sears. i ask if he is the general manager and responded yes.

i than ask if he speaking on his behalf or the company and he told me the company. i say ok well i'll call the company when i get home. the other customer didn't buy the tires and left. while i was waiting for my alignment to be done i told mr bob that i didn't know tires plus don't match price with walmart or sears.

he told me that they don't price match because walmart sale cheap(low end) tires. but that have nothing to do with how much walmart charge to balance the tire thinking in my mind. i told him you know i can just bring new tires into walmart and have them mount and balance for me. bob than said we do that too for about $80 we can do all four tires carry in.

yea i know you do it too bob but walmart do it for half the price. i didn't say that to him but he doesn't look too happy. so much about price match and 200% pay back of the difference. later i look on walmart site and found that they do carry many more brand name tires and more high end tires.

tires plus only have their in house tires, firestone and bridgestone tires while walmart has michellin, good year, dunlop, continental, handkoo, and kuhmo and many more model of the tires. i called tire plus affair guy on the other line didn't know why they won't price match me and told me the district manager will call me in the next two business days. now two weeks came by and still now call.

oh well i guess mr bob is probably right than. have anyone had a problem like this?

anywayz walmart carry in mount is $5 balance $6.5 your at 46 tires plus balancing

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see...this is what i hate...when people think price matching a tire means that any tire can be matched to any other tire. how would that work?

you bring me a coupon for $39 walmart brand tires and expect me to match it to a top of the line bridgestone or even mid grade firestone?

apples and oranges, people. it's not that difficult.


to mr bob you talk like you are the manager there and maybe you are. why would you kick a customer out if they ask you if you price match, visit and 200% price match the difference on the headline. su*k it up mr bob did i scare your other customer away..

googles review this store as 1 big star everyone go check it out...


Tires plus charges exorbitant rates for balancing if you did not buy tires from them. From other reviewers, it appears that they aren't very good at fixing tires either. Did you try Discount Tire -- though I doubt if they will match the $5 per wheel offered at Walmart.


To the original poster,

You are trying to haggle without bringing a written estimate and for an independent shop, Tires Plus, it's probably not even worth doing tires for that small of amount because they have certain profit and productivity goals that they need to produce. Wal Mart's tire department is not very profitable and is there mainly for convenience.

Wal Mart can afford to have an army of untrained hourly employees who don't produce, so if you want cheap stuff, why not just go there! Instead you are trying to get arguably better products and service, but for the same price as Wal Mart.

I applaud your efforts, but I secretly wish that manager would have kicked you out of his store and told you to never come back, so you'd quit wasting that poor man's time. Have a Merry Christmas!


Price matching usually requires you to bring in a written estimate or advertisement from the competitor. Forget about complaining if you haven't even done that.


The point here is that this store doesn't price match with Walmart or sears so u don't have to waste your time going there. Just because its a tires store doesn't mean they know more about a Walmart tires store unless its a manufacture tires company. Go to tires plus website and Walmart and see who have the better quality tires.


Not sure what your complaint is. So, Tires Plus doesn't match WalMart.

Don't go to Tires Plus. You took your car to Tires Plus and had them balanced, but complained about them not price matching. If you were so unhappy, then all you had to do was go to WalMart. But, you didn't.

Bottom line: WalMart and Tires Plus have different quality of workers.

With WalMart you may or may not get someone who knows what a tire is. With Tires Plus, they will not only know what a tire is, but how to fix them, etc.

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