Tires Plus, 1877 N. Military Trl, West Palm Beach Fla 33409 - My 93 towncar ran sweet and quiet as the wind til I got an oil change there.

They must have forced the exhaust system when they jacked it up, instead of driving it up a ramp. For "insurance reasons" they dont let you into the service area, so you cant see what they do. Now the car growls starting out. I drove it back; they inspected it underneath, and say the exhaust system has some rust and it could be a pinhole.

I just dont buy it. I should have taken it to the shop I always took it to

Product or Service Mentioned: Tires Plus Oil Change.

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I doubt the tech caused the leak in the exhaust. That's tough to do. Your exhaust was probably already in weak condition and it's probably a coincidence that you started noticing an exhaust leak after the oil change.


I just got an oil change their and the tec left my radiator cap off and I over heated my car. Three week's later my car started nocking and a week after that my motor blew up and they prety much told me to *** off. any one have any recomendations for a good lawyer


As with most people i am sure your 15 year old car was just perfect when you brought it to the shop,(NOT) and only has a problem because of the oil change.

As for the car being lifted instead of driven up a ramp,thier are very few shops that have this ability as a full service repair shop.The car is lifted buy leggs that meet the frame, if it was lifted without these leggs it would have crushed you exhaust not put a small hole in it.If thier was rust on your exhaust then thier is possibilty of holes foruming. I am sure that would be hard to belive seeing how your car is only 15 years old.

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