Never again spent 3 hours just to get a break light fix.

They never fixed it. Instead I have a window that want roll down.

My dash board tells me I have two lights out.

They try to rip you off.

I got my money back but more damage to my car now.

Location parker Colorado don't ever go. I sure want. Thanks tire plus more problems when you leave.

The other bad thing is they said the did the work and before I got my money

Back they stated they never had the parts what kind of crazy *** FFF. PLUS

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Savannah, Georgia, United States #600838

The first thing is you need to work on your spelling; this is the internet and we hold you accountable for your inability to type the correct words. Secondly, you blame them for your window not rolling up because they replaced a brake light?

There is no direct causation between replacing a bulb and the wiring to a window motor. Also, the computer in your car could be going bad or the wiring to the dash might be giving you false codes to your dashboard; all things that have nothing to do with the work they did.


Put car into tires plus because heard a noise. now car does not work, says need new engine but was alright until they had it!

Now getting the runaround no-one wants to take responsibility, on same day another customer had put their car in working and they were told their car no longer running!!!

Tried to get the so-called independent adjuster Gil Leon, does NOT return calls!

BSRO Social
to taken for a ride! Villa Park, Illinois, United States #597505


My name is Tom and I am with Tires Plus Corporate. I would like to see if I can help. Since you have already been assigned a claims advisor and a claim#, if you could email me with that information at social@bfrc.com I can forward your concerns.



BSRO Social

I am from the Tires Plus corporate office. Can you send me a note at social@bfrc.com so I can get a little more information about your experience? I'd like to help.



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