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tires plus in sarsota fl. put 4 new tires on my audi on January 9 2009, 3 weeks later the front tires were distroyed, they refused to replace them,they also did a oil change and didn't put the screws back for the under ground carriage it dropped down while I was going 65, I almost had an accident, they refused to take responsibility...don't go there terrible business practices,after my oil change I began to have several leaks, from under my car, oil, transmission, I was told they put the wrong oil in. please do not take your car there it could be dangerous....

Review about: Tires Plus Oil Change.

Monetary Loss: $200.

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Pinellas Park, Florida, United States #839449

You are ignorant. Really??

So what actually happened? You went there with a coupon, looking for something cheap...they told you that you needed some additional services to keep your POS running and "all of a sudden" you had problems!?! Right!?

Seriously, you're just some broke cheap *** complaining because you didn't get something for free. Worthless Democrat get a better job so you're no long a poor, leech on the american economic system.

Tampa, Florida, United States #598589

Your a *** your audi is a pile of *** that leaks everywhere before any service..the bottom piece of *** pans get screws lost and guys zip tie them without you even prob never rotated your tires just like every other *** and now you want something for free and want to bad mouth people... *** loser


Hey Ruben, just so you know I found out when you buy tires, make sure you check the date, if their old, on the shelf to long they aren't safe!!!


Unless you bought the Road Hazard Warranty, I don't see how Tires Plus is responsible for your new front tires being destroyed.

Not fastening the plastic undercarriage is bad.

Using the wrong oil is bad.

What caused the leak? Was it because they didn't wipe clean the drained oil? Was it because they didn't tighten the oil filter or drain plug?


Update...after going back 3x's I finally

talked to the assistant manager, he

gave me a $600 dollar refund, and 2 tires

he was very understanding and professional

now I am happy, if you have a problem

don't give up!!!!!


:( tires plus is the worst ....what a bunch of condescending sh tz....they sold me four recalled tires....replaced one but the other three tires rubber is descentigrading as we speak. I hope they go out of business and all the bozo employees are jobless....would serve them right,lol.

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