Tires Plus gives the hard sale on their lifetime wheel alignment and balance but when you try to use it they are always too busy to provide the service. When they do have the time there is always a reason(s) the car can't be aligned or balanced; something is bent and always needs replacing before they can honor the $300 lifetime promise.

Never send your older kids for service because they will be treated disrespectfully. Our family will take our five cars elsewhere.

Do not use this company unless you want to get ripped off. Bad business d

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I have had the opposite experience. I have had their lifetime alignment, rotation and balance on my car for 10 years and they have never refused to service it.

Maybe there is something legitimately wrong with your car. You can always go to another tires plus or Firestone (they honor tires plus lifetime alignment as well) location if your worried that your particular location is just trying to rip you off.

I agree. I bought lifetime rotation and bslancing from tires plus and when I came in they told me I had to pay for an alignment even though the car felt fine at all speeds.

it's indeex a sucker in. Never buy that again :sigh

There are legitimate reasons why a quality alignment can't be done. If your steering/suspension components have play, you can't do a quality alignment.

You don't have to hit a pot hole to have play. That's just normal wear and tear. They don't require you to do the steering and suspension work at Tires Plus. You can have that work done any where.

Then you take the car back to Tires Plus to have it aligned once there is no play.

Also, you can't arrrive 1 hour before close and expect to be served. A reasonable person would take an appointment.


tires plus in perry ga. got me too .

aligned my car and 12000 miles later my tires are ruined. 700 bucks down the drain.no i didnt hit anything in the road either.


Comment number 4 is the best comment so far.


Is it Tires Plus' fault that your rude kids keep running into sh** and bending wheels and suspension parts? I'm sure they would be glad when you take your fleet of old beat-up clunkers elsewhere.

Also, they're doing you a favor. They could have just aligned your jalopy and not told you something was loose, or balanced a bent wheel so you would just shut up.

true we spin those Machines daily, alignments constantly, send your children to do the Mans Job just ask them to excercise patience when dealing with the repair consultants. we find weekend teen drivers popping off at us all the time generaly they are trying to keep everyones attention off the smash up they had and are now trying to cover it up .

we'll help Dad!

just keep an open mind. :roll

I have been working at tires plus for almost 2 years now started off part time and am now full time working to the sevice manager posistion and then at some point a store manager. I have been servicing people in my previous industry for upwards of 30 years.

I have never turned anyone on my customers away telling them that the lifetime alingment nor even a lifetime reblanace. these are sold so that I will see you again and again and gain more and additional business from you.

oil changes, standard manufacturer recommendations etc... on a daily basis the store are am with in Jacksonville, FL do 5-10 tickets that make us no money but it does make a customer happy because we are doing what is right.


We'd like the opportunity to make this right. Kindly call us at 800-394-8184 for immediate assistance. Thank you for bringing this our attention!

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