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I just came back from Tires Plus in Alpharetta, Ga. I bought my tires there 3 month earlier and went in for a tire rotation.

The Service Manager came over to me while the rotation was taking place to tell me my tire were wearing unevenly and said I need struts in addition to a tire rotation. The cost would be $1100.00. I totally freaked out! I only had 60,000 on my Honda Accord and couldn't believe that I needed struts.

I told him I wasn't ready to get in done and I would come back. Went I left I went to my mechanic across from my house. He inspected the tires and alignment and said that Tires Plus was lying...All I needed was a minor

aligmnet and no need for struts. I would keep away from this Tires Plus store in Alpharetta.

I would have been out alot of money for nothing!

I'm not sure if other stores are the same with their deceitful ways. I would think twice about going to Tires Plus!!!

Product or Service Mentioned: Tires Plus Tire Rotation.

Monetary Loss: $1100.

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They aren't lying. Shocks and struts are suggested replacement items every 50,000 miles per Motorist Assurance Program (MAP) guidelines.

Google it if you don't believe me. Where the salesperson possibly went wrong is he or she did not inform you of all your options and possibly tried to "hard sell" the suspension parts to you.

BUT, another possibility is that you do have a car with cheap and crappy suspension parts and your backyard mechanic doesn't know what he is talking about. Only time will tell :p

Thanks for alerting us. We’d like the opportunity to make things right!

Kindly call 1-800-440-4167 so we can help. Thank you!

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