in plantation store in florida , i paid 300 for 2 tires aligment and 200 for brakes i was in the store 8 hours for that job and when they finish they did not put the tires in the correct place i almost lose a weel they return my car to the lift 30 minutes more and they never said excuseme or apologize , they are not doing a profesional job , they lie to me they said " its more safe put new tires at rear axle , y paid to rotate tires and they never do it ...dont go there caution please caution i not feel safe in my car now , i wrote 2 email to tires plus but they never answered to me , bad costumer service.

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What do you mean by "i almost lose a weel"?

Did the wheel fall off the vehicle while you were driving? I hope that's not what you meant.

On another subject, it's true that it's safer to put the new tires on the rear to prevent what is called oversteer.

another consideration would be the availability of parts for particular cars. if you only had one vehicle and no one was available to give you a ride to a place where you would be more comfortable, service manager could have made arrangements for you,after explaining the availability of the parts for your car, although it seems a communication barrier may have been the issue. I only hope you are safer now than before you brought your car in for service :)

what was your vehicles reliability before you went and waited for such a long time? why were you waiting?

appointments are available. waiting made you unhappy perhaps there was a communication barrier that caused this. what exactly did you consider unsafe? tiresplus has 60 minute gauranties for tire installations.

"almost" and did lose a tire are far from each other.

perhaps at that location an interpretur would have been helpful. but the cars is built as a car and service personel can deal with that.

Dehra Dun, Uttarakhand, India #198511

i think you're *** for waiting around for 8 hours for two tires and a brake job. dammit boy....did they put you on the payroll while you were there??

and yes, contrary to popular belief, you are safer with new tires on the rear.

if you feel unsafe with other tires it doesn't matter if they are the front, back, side, hood whatever. you should have bought all four cheap ***.

you were there long enough. *** i would have started *** after two hours.

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