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My son took his car to Tires Plus for one thing: to get a free flat tire repair (since they said they would when he bought 2 new tires from them over a year ago). He asked what front brake job would cost.

They "found" a broken stabilizer bar,

then said both front often fail at the same time so better replace both.

lie #1: those metal bars don't fail at about the same time like some other parts do.

lie #2: wanted $79 to replace the 'dirty' brake fluid (just like others have reported).

lie #3: rear brakes were fine they said, but they wanted $79 to adjust them.

Don't trust them.

Product or Service Mentioned: Tires Plus Repair.

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so when do you accept responsibility for your car's maintenance. did you know that maintaining a car is a little pricey sometimes.

you can either fix the car or buy a new one. if neither sounds good, go to autozone and have at it and see if you can do the same.


yes mr CASE you are correct on some counts but are are wrong on drum brakes you don't have to have someone adjust them when you back up and apply the brakes firmly they automaticly ajust would you want to pay for that. THAT would be a nooooo.

YES tires plus trys to rape us everytime we go in there.

we went in for one thing and they tryed to sell us all new brakes the only problem was we just replaced all our brakes 3 months before. we no longer go there!


What did they lie about? You had a broken sway bar link so they wanted to replace two.

Yes they could do one but a week later when the other one broke you would have been pissed you had to go back. Brake fluid does get dirty and what makes it dirty is that over time the lines corrode and the copper content from corrosion begins to destroy your brake system. Thats why they suggest a brake flush. Its called routine maintenance.

And finally yes drum brakes do need adjusted since oh about the last century. Your not wanting to maintain your car should not have anything to do with trusting this company.

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