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took my sons truck in to get tires and an alignment went to a movie came back they put tires on and charged me $40 for an inspection saying they could not do the alignment because my right side wheel barrings were bad plus radiator leaks and bad shocks I paid for the tires $683 and bs inspection went to napa and got both sets of barrings for front and went home the next day I inspect the barrings and they are fine. the radiator does not leak and the shocks are clean and performing good. I take the truck over to Big O and get the alignment done the tech shows me that the alignment bolts were not tightened properly which somehow was missed on that $40 inspection and now everything works fine on this veh don't go to tire plus

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Recently had my car serviced for a dead alternator to immediately experiencing a chirping belt sound when I was about to leave. The store said they performed a test drive, if this was true they would have advised of the sound.

Very odd and convenient for this to happen, turns out the tensioner is bad. I had both my alternator and tensioner replaced last year 7/10/2011. Jusy out of the warranty. Before having my car towed my car was humming perfectly and the only reason we went to Tures Plus because it was close.

I was charged 378.99 for the part and 138.60 for labor. Complete ripoff. Also being charged for the tensioner but was able to have reduced in half after speaking with a district manager. The parts and labor from my previous alternator & tensioner replacement was 199.99 and 132.05 respectively.

Both alternators are remanufactured. Consumers beware of Tires Plus.

:( i think this is the last time i am. gonna come to tires plus for my car maintenance.Moved to St.Cloud went to their branch and always having problems with both customer services and car services.Unfriendly people and bought new u-joint they didnt replace them right i was having problems while driving 40-50mph.Went to a friends car shop they said ujoint wasnt properly back to tires plus so many times before that which shows in their how many times i complained and both conway and st. cloud cant figure out what was wrong.Finally my fiance told them to fix ujoint,they nevr admitted their fault....after that visit my car dont have same noise anymore.Tires plus in St.Cloud lied and will nevr admit they screwed up.I am writing this while i am here in Conway i thought i was coming here before moved to St.Cloud but the former manager (forgot his name )is gone which i think was much better when it comes to customer service skills.I have heard a lot of bad issues about this shop not doing a good job but as months and years go by i feel like i am getting ripped off too with the kind of horrible services given to me as a long time customer

I would like to tell you this is a common practice with tires plus just check them out on

what Steve is well that's easy a hand puppet for them and he knows it too for he has no power to turn a wrong to a right, chalk it up to a lesson learned.

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I am from the Tires Plus corporate office.

Can you send me an email at so I can get some additional information about this? Please be sure to include the address of the store that you visited so I can get the right people involved.



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