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Recently had my alternator replaced. Immediately afterwards; I heard a chirping belt sound when I initially accelerated. The store said they performed a test drive, if this was true they would have heard and advised me of this sound. After some research, there are a couple items that could potentially be the cause for this sound, including, but not limited to: A/C Compresser and Serpentine Belt. Additional research, I reviewed how to remove and replace an alternator in a 2008 Dodge Caliber, which includes evacuating the A/C system; positioning the serpentine belt aside; removing the accessory drive idler pulley; removing the A/C compressor; and loads of other steps.

They stated the Tensioner needed to be replaced, however I had both the Alternator and Tension replaced on 7/10/2012. I was at Tires Plus on 7/19/2012.

Before having my car towed my car was humming perfectly and the only reason we went to Tures Plus because it was close to where my car wouldn't start, which was at work. I was charged 378.99 for the part and 138.60 for labor. Also being charged for the tensioner 125.99 but was able to have reduced in half after speaking with a district manager with free labor. The parts and labor from my previous alternator & tensioner replacement was 199.99 and 132.05 respectively. Both alternators are remanufactured.

My car was towed on 7/18/2012 evening (around 8:30 PM), dropped it off, was able to get home around 8:00 PM on 7/19/2012. What a long and disappointing day.

The resolution, I don't know if the tensioner was replace or not, if it was, I wasn't charged. The district manager refunded my money fully for the alternator and labor. Which begs the question, considering the process how to replace an alternator and the noise I experienced after the replacement, did Tires Plus employees damage my A/C and/or other components? I only hear the grinding/chirping sound on the initial acceleration. I will not know until I visit my regular service and have everything checked out. One thing I do recall, is the manager was telling another customer that they may have damaged a part when they were servicing another person's vehicle. Coincidence? I don't believe in coincidences. Something smells very fishy.

Product or Service Mentioned: Tires Plus Part Replacement.

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So, you are looking at the tensioner and can't tell if it is 3 yrs old or not? Wow.

I don't understand how your alternator and tensioner that was just changed 9 days prior cost anything to have done again. And your tow bill too!!??

If it is not possible to take it back to that shop, welcome to the big boy club where you get a national warranty with a company that will make it right for the originally quoted price.

:( I would first say that Steve, is nothing more that as *** puppet. now to your problem a test drive will never be done after an alternator is replace plus never had to remove a A/C compressor to replace an alternator as well as I have been a ASE tech for over 30 plus yrs so for a 08 dodge you are a cash cow to them.

as tires plus is known for miss diagnosing and over charging customers a long with acting in bad faith not being there to see what the cause is but sounds like they used a cleaner that shouldn't have used... for this noise wasn't there before you had this work done plus any good tech would have pick-up on this noise after completing this repair.
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I am from the corporate office of Tires Plus and would like to get involved.

Can you send me an email at so I can get sme additional information and your contact information? Be sure to include the store address and your full name so I can look up your records.



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