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The tires plus in jupiter FL on indiantown and ALT A1A took me for a ride. After changing my oil, 2 days later my car began to shake on the highway after reaching speeds in excess of 60 MPH.

I brought my car to them again and they said I needed to do a wheel alignment, rotation. I did and my problem still persisted. I brought it back to them and they now tell me my rim is dented! Why didnt they tell me this before? The sucker I am, agreed to the service. Then as I am waiting, I get a call from them saying I need a new tire rod. I gave the the OK on the phone. Got my car back, all seemed fine, no more shaking. About 3 days later my tire light comes on. I bring it back to them and the manager tells me that there is a leak in one of the tired. I ask if he can patch it, he said no, its too cold, the patches are not sticking (it was 55+ degrees in florida that day). He said the best bet is to replace all 4 tires because they were cheap tires anyway. So I did.

2 days later, 1 of the brand new tires were flat! I bring it back and they offer to repair the tire! I tell them no way, I just paid almost $800 2 days ago for 4 BRAND NEW TIRES. After complaining to the manager, he decides to replace the tire, at least thats what they told me, it could have been patched without my knowing.

A week later my tire light goes on again....This time I bring it to midas...they said the driver side tire had too much air, they fixed it and no problems since. Since for taking my money tires plus

Review about: Tires Plus Tire Rotation.

Monetary Loss: $1600.

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Jupiter, Florida, United States #881213

Two hour wait become 4hrs and car still running bad never again will I bring my car there.


Alignments do not fix vibration problems.

Unless you have uneven tire wear or a steering wheel that was off center, then you probably didn't need an alignment. The tie rod had play, but was the play enough to fail inspection? If not, then you could have held off on the alignment.

Tires repairs can be done in 55 degree Farenheit weather. You should have taken the tire somewhere else to be repaired.

Your new tire went flat 2 days later. Unless you bought the Road Hazard Warranty, it's not Tire Plus's problem (unless it's caused by the tire tech forgetting to tigthen the collar nut on the TPMS valve stem, in which case, they should fix the problem for free).

It was bad that Tires Plus did not accurately adjust your tire pressures. If it took one week for the TPMS light to come on, then it wasn't off by much. It was probably close to the upper limit borderline and the heat from driving on the tire pushed it over. If it was way over, then the TPMS light would have come on either immediately or after driving less than 1 mile.

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