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took my monte carlo ss for a regular oil change and quick look see of tune up and other minor maintenance, after quoting me like about $1000 for these things when i got my car back it started lagging and turning off, and the forgot to put my power steering cap back on and left it between the hood and wipers area, took it back and did a check up said everything was okay, after having a look my self i realized they damaged one of my spark plug cables and the car is miss firing they wont take responsibility even after i brougth them a perfectly working car and right after i get it back its a piece of *** that turns off every time i try and accelerate, i told em exactly what it was and they playing dumb like always, so honestly im never going back there service sucks and there mechanics are *** retards, *** YOU TIRES PLUS now i had to pay to get something fixed they broke, sorry pieces of ***.

Product or Service Mentioned: Tires Plus Oil Change.

Monetary Loss: $200.

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Leaving caps off. That happens.

Breaking ignition wires. That happens.

Were you expecting something different?


John & Matt are both right. My opinion is Killer probably hadn't done any of his maintenance & just another one of those people who blame others for there ignorance......what a joke


I agree John. There are "idiots" in any place of work.

Also the spark plug wire was probably broken on accident while someone was checking them for free for you. With the economy being the way it is the customer expectation of service is rising everyday. Think of the mechanic that has to spend over an hour on your oil change and inspection just to make five dollars in comission. It is a terrible cycle that is only getting worse.

I understand being upset when your car runs bad and it did not before but if you were asking about a tune up then the parts were probably close to failing anyway.

That vehicle is designed to go about 100,000 miles before the tune up. But the spark plug wires often seize to the plugs if you wait that long.


one locations dumb mistake and failiur to live up to it doesnt make this nearly largest tire retailer in the nation trash. to give you a better example , when i visit a wall mart and recieve TERRIBLE service , i dont go around wrigting reviews saying its a TRASH company.

i mean really , look at wall mart its the most succsesfull business in that industry and also pleases MANY MANY happy people. i hate wall mart personall.....but really buddy look at the big picture.

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