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I had an alternator put on my son's car in May. In June, it stopped working again, so they did replace it.

Well it stopped working again in July and they refuse to make it good. I paid $350 for this work and I am so pissed I don't know what to do. I don't have the money to go pay someone else to do the same work that Tires Plus did such a crappy job on. Does anyone have any ideas as to what I can do to get them to make this right.

I would appreciate any help anyone could give.

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Many aftermarket remanufactured alternators are crab!!! You are better of with a brand new OEM alternator.


call their district manager and complaint loud enough and you will get it repaired maybe even some $$$$ back thats how it worked when i worked there.


call their district manager or a.d.m they will fix it for free and maybe even give some money back thats how it worked when i worked there. just scream loud enough.


If you can find out who they bought the part from(they have to have a supplier) the supplier should be able to help you get a different part. The good news is to replace an alternator is two bolts and loosening a belt. It is a simple job if your willing to take a shot at it,


Tires Plus is worst than Terrible. They are in the sales business only and will do anything they have to. An innocent $19.99 oil change becomes a $800 bill for fuel system cleaner, brakes, alignment policy, 2 new tires (with 12,000 miles on them), etc.

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