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My wife went to tires plus in kenosha i had a nail in one tire but the other 3 were still good they must have wanted them (they were high speed tires). I went in to talk to the owner first he said he did not remember much about it just that they did the tires.

When my wife said she had wanted the tires back that day and the guy said he had tossed then out and he had punched holes in them to let the air out so they were nogood. When i ask today the owner said the tires were bald and no good that was why they tossed them out.

But 3 of them were still good and i wanted them back to use as spares if i ever need to i paid around $200 for each new tire and just wanted to keep them but now if i get a flat i am going to have to buy a new one right away. So i am never going back to them again they just rip you off.

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It's your own fault for allowing your woman to make her own tire purchasing decisions. If you wanted your old tires back, you have to tell the service advisor that before you agree to buy the new tires.

Telling them that the same day is not as good because of the risk of destroying the old tires.

Old tires are always at risk of destruction or removal from the premises. Once you leave the premises with the new tires, those old tires are legally the properly of the company that sold you the new tires.


They are a ripoff. I brought a tire in that I had filled with fix-a-flat.

They told me they couldn't repair the tire b/c acid in the sealant eats away the tire liner and therefore they couldn't guarantee their patch would hold. Fine. My bad. But Tires Plus was more than happy to tell me I could buy a set of 4 brand new tires for my SUV for a small fee - $890.

I only have 14K miles on the existing tires. They didn't recommend I put just one one new tire on as that would impact my AWD. What they didn't tell me after I went to the effort to find a similarly used tire is that they don't mount previously owned tires. It's against corporate policy.

It seems a little scammy to me. They have a of things they cannot do but are glad to sell you new tires.

I went across the street to Wal Mart and they gladly mounted my "used" tire for $15. Tires Plus will never get my business in the future.

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I am from the Tires Plus corporate office.

Can you send me a note at so I can get some additional information? I'd like to help.


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