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About 2 or three years ago my car alternator went out, and the nearest place to me was tires plus. I took my car there and they told me what the problem was, and I told them to fix it.

A friend picked me up, and throughout the day, I kept getting calls to see if they could replace my winshield wipers for x amount of dollars, and that I needed a new battery because my other one was drained from not being recharged due to the alernator problem. I told them just fix whatever problems came with the alternator.

I come back and my bill is 750 dollars, I don't see my old battery, which was only six months old, and they don't give it back to me. Now it is three years later, and I have the same alternator problem.

I don't think that is long enough for that 750 dollar service and part to last. Don't EVER take your car here!!!!

Product or Service Mentioned: Tires Plus Part Replacement.

Monetary Loss: $750.

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Some aftermarket remanufactured alternators are really crappy. It's possible they could have done every honestly, and this still happens. On the other hand, it's possible they lied about the battery being bad. If that's what you suspect, then you should have demanded the battery back before authorizing the work. Of course, you will have to pay for the core charge on the battery if you intend to keep the old battery, but that's not a problem because you can always sell the core and get the core charge back but after you get the battery tested at a reputable shop. Because that's the whole point of demanding the old battery back, so that you can test it.

It's possible a bad battery (or even a discharged one) can kill an alternator and vice versa. A discharged battery will caused the alternator to "full field" and overwork, thereby killing it. An alternator that is overcharging (producing much more than 13.5 volts) will kill a battery.

Remanufactured alternators then to be crappy. You should have demanded a brand new alternator. Brand new alternators tend to be more reliable. You get what you pay for.


Tires Plus is the worst big chain out there right now. Thieves, scammers and incompetent ***.

They use the cheapest garbage parts, and couldn't give a rat's behind about fixing any cars. I wouldn't even let these monkeys check the air in my tires or open my hood. That's how bad these scumbags are.

NEVER take your car there. If you do, you'r'e taking a HUGE RISK with your car and your money.

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